2020 Tree Survey Summary

In Summer and Fall of 2020, several volunteer students carried out the first ever Future Forestry tree survey. This survey was conducted on past and present Future Forestry planting sites in Cape Coral, Florida. The survey team counted both mature and sapling trees...

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200 New Trees Added Along Cape Roadways

More than 200 trees were planted in southeast Cape Coral over the weekend as part of an ongoing initiative to keep the Cape green as development continues. Non-profit volunteer organization Future Forestry saw 50 volunteers, including 25 from Cape Coral High School’s...

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Shade Trees to be Planted at Rotary Park

The Urban Forestry Project has planted about 3,400 trees in Cape Coral since its inception five years ago. It currently does about 2,000 per year. Ringland applied in January for the grant for Rotary Park, and the club was notified Wednesday that it had been awarded...

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Planting Partners

These fine organizations have helped enable our planting projects over the last several years.

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